So I didn’t take the job in Charlotte. Great offer but they wanted me down there sooner than I was comfortable with. Fortunately I’m still happy where I am, so I’m not that upset.

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But in Oppo News I am driving to Ohio tomorrow to very likely pick up a second Subaru Outback XT w/ 5MT. Car seems to be in pristine shape, and yes I have a PPI scheduled before I drive it home. Also deposit is down, so no one else can get it before me. (In Theory)


Which means that my 2006 Subaru Outback XT (that needs some body work) will be up for sale in Buffalo, NY soon. So if any Oppo’s are interested, let me know. 198,000 Miles, 5 MT, engine has 100k Miles, Turbo has 60k Miles, ton of front suspension work done. Asking 3k, but for Oppo’s I’d offer $2500.

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