So, I agreed to the job. It went from a slight pay cut to a slight pay raise. So that’s nice, plus the car allowance and gas.

I really appreciate the car advice you people gave me. Some solid ideas and stuff I had not considered.

Today I test drove a 2 door Wrangler Sport with the 6 speed and I loved it. I know it doesn’t make the most sense, but I kinda want to try some light off-road stuff.


This is a spitting image of the one I drove. I could totally see myself driving it. I’d make some slight mods, but no bro Jeep. I like that it is so basic (no AC, wind up windows, manual mirrors) and is the opposite to the ST in every way possible.

Ultimately, I am not ready to give up the ST. I will drive it until I can’t do my job anymore with it or I feel ready to get rid of it.  But, I really think a Wrangler will be the replacement.