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Joblopnik - Got An Offer!

Good Afternoon Oppo (if in yurrup or east of)

I been stuck at this dead end job where so much was promised and due to a strange graduate placement scheme didn’t get paid nearly as much as was advertised. As a result, I’m stuck doing a draughtsman (draftsman) job for junior draughtsman pay, I went to university goddamit and I am an engineer!


Anyway, I have always been in search of a new role and applied for a Junior Engineers role at a bigger company and following two interviews they have made me an offer, an offer I can’t refuse, pay increase of £6k/$9.2k, less hours, closer to home (commute is the same time because traffic) with a whole host of company benefits. It is however a six month contract initially and I’ve been struggling to decide if I can make the jump from permanent to contract and a shout out to Milky from Oppo for this, I sort of discussed randomly with him/her the situation and he/she made me see the light so a big thanks to him/her.

Good Joblopnik.

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