912 rally car for your time/if you don't care.

I worked part time for a smallish non-profit organization (a church)... until this week, when I was fired. I have some concerns about the manner in which I was fired.

First off, my supervisor fired me over the phone, about an hour before I would normally come in. I'm pretty sure that's inappropriate, but I'm not entirely sure exactly what level of inappropriateness that falls into. Also during that phone call, he told me that he'd already hired a replacement. This was two days after I'd last worked.

Secondly, the employee handbook they issued me laid out an entire four or five step process to termination. My termination looked absolutely nothing like said process. I've laid out the major points:

  • Before an employee is terminated, there's supposed to be a signed verbal warning, a signed written warning, and a conference with the supervisor and the senior staff. That didn't happen. I was given exactly one unofficial/unsigned, angry verbal warning a week before I was canned. I improved my performance after that, but apparently not enough.
  • My supervisor didn't organize an exit interview. I asked for one; I was denied, even though the handbook says that's part of the official process.


So, what can I do about this? I plan on speaking with the guy above my supervisor about the whole thing (I'm on very good terms with him), but is there anything else I can do? This whole situation sounds like a case of wrongful termination to me. I mean, I certainly don't plan on suing the place... I go to this church; money there is tight at the moment, and I've had no problems with anyone else. I never even had any extreme issues with my boss until last week. I'm just at a loss for ideas here.

/Thanks for reading that whole thing.