“This is the Roush TA I raced for many years. Found some info on the car.

“Christine’ is the name Scott Pruett gave her because each time he wrecked it – which was a lot. It was fixed the next day – just like the movie. The original Roush team put a bicycle plate on it with the name and we still have it on the car.Lauren’s Roush Mustang chassis #009 or known as “Christine,” has an interesting history. The car was built in late 1984 by Roush Racing in Livonia, Michigan, as a Ford Factory Mustang team car, for competition in the 1985 IMSA GTO classification. The car has had many distinguished drivers along the way including: Bruce Jenner, Lyn St. James, Bill Elliott, Kyle Petty, Ricky Rudd, Ken Shrader, Scott Pruett-who had a few wrecks, earning it the nickname “Christine,” Robert Lappalainen, Tommy and Bart Kendall. This car was sponsored by Folgers and Motorcraft. It was also the Sure, Secret and other sponsors”

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Crazy good pictures you don’t find elsewheres on the web :D