This is what happens when you have the fastest car in a field full of 350 horsepower stock cars. It's almost impossible to pass here and Townley just used track position to his advantage. Race dominator Bobby Gerhart's car ran out of fuel with 6 to go, this allowed Townley (P2) and Larson (P4) into the top two positions. Larson did everything he could, but with hilariously single file racing all day and no drafting help, he didn't even have a move to attempt, and ultimately Townley won. This is, obviously, Townley's first career ARCA win. This was Larson's first ever super speedway race, first ever ARCA race and first ever race on a track this big. Honestly, it's also probably the first time in the last 3 years that he's driven a car with less than 400 horsepower.

Next up from Daytona, a much better race with far more competitive cars despite the field being half the size, as the Gen 6 NASCAR racer makes it's debut in the Sprint Unlimited. Of the 19 cars entered, only one car (the 32 of Terry Labonte) is truly uncompetitive. The rest are, well, rather fast.