Did you know you can save thousands on a new car with zero negotiation? All it takes to get many discounts is to be a member of an affiliated club for a short period of time and you can walk in and get your price right away. Many of the programs that are offered can save you thousands of dollars on your new car and even allow you to use all rebates and incentives on top of the discounted price.

These affiliate and partner programs are an easy way to get to a lower price without the hassle of a long drawn out negotiation. You can usually walk in with your certificate and test drive the car you wish to buy and finish up very quickly. In some cases, you can spend some time to get better pricing than what is offered by the programs below if you negotiate on your own but these programs are a good way to get a lower price from the get-go or if you do not wish to spend lots of time in negotiations.


Joining BMW Car Club of America can net you up to a $1500 rebate on a new BMW purchase or up to $500 on a CPO. The cost to join for 2 years is $91 and you must be a member for at least a year before you can qualify for the rebate. More info can be found here.


Chrysler (Jeep, Dodge, RAM, FIAT):

Chrysler no longer offers their credit union discount but they do have an affiliate rewards discount which covers an extensive amount of companies. One organization that will get you the discount is Tread Lightly, it is open to anyone to join and you must join at the $100 level to get the discount and be a member for 30 days to qualify. The affiliate pricing will get you a starting price of 1-2% below invoice plus any eligible rebates or incentives. More info can be found here and the list of qualifying companies can be found here.


Ford offers the X-Plan discount to supplier companies, family, friends, and members of partner clubs. One of these partner clubs is the Mustang Club of America. You can join for $50 per year and you will be able to qualify for an X-Plan Pin after 60 days of membership. The X-Plan price is usually 99.6% of dealer invoice + $275. On top of the discount, you also qualify for any rebates and incentives available at the time. More info can be found here.


GM (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC):

GM offers supplier discounts to employees of partner companies but you can get the same pricing by going through their credit union member discount program. You have to be a member of a participating credit union but most are covered. The discount can be combined with all current rebates and incentives as well as GM credit card rewards cash. The supplier discount is usually very close to invoice price and with additional incentives can drop you below it. More info can be found here.



The X-Plan above can also be used on Lincoln vehicles but the pricing is slightly higher. It is 100.6% of dealer invoice + $275 minus any current rebates and incentives.



Nissan offers the VPP pricing program to friends, family, and partner companies. It is one of the stricter ones on this list but there are still hundreds of companies that are covered as well as members of the military. The VPP pricing is usually at or below dealer invoice plus any current rebates and incentives. More info can be found here and the list of qualifying companies is here.



Subaru offer its VIP discount to many partner organizations. One of these organizations is the American Association for the Advancement of Science. You can join for as low as $75 and you must be a member for 6 months before you can use the discount. The discounted price is usually 2% below dealer invoice. More info can be found here.



Volkswagen offers a partner discount for certain partner companies but it is very strict. It applies to most general models and will get you $500 below invoice pricing. More information can be found here.