Have you always wanted to go on petrol and beer fueled (vehicular) adventure with like-minded people? Then this is you chance to join us for the 2019 Europpomeet!

As you can tell, we are a diverse bunch!

In the past we have visited amazing roads, historical race tracks, museums, and a lot more (both automotive and general touristy things). Oh, did I mention the amazing roads?


So what’s holding you back?

Using the link below you can vote for locations and dates, so that we can pick a location that everyone likes, and a date that is convenient for all (or most) of us:

Currently it’s a race between Tuscany/Umbria, the border region between France, Germany and Switzerland, and Eastern France/Northern Italy, so pick your favourite and join us!

For more information see the links below. If you have any questions just ask them below in the comments, and I (or one of the other veteran Europpomeet goers will try to answer them).