We’re organizing an international Oppo road trip of epic proportions... Again. 9 nationalities from 2 continents signed up already. So why isn’t everyone else joining? Tell me why you are or are not considering joining!

I understand that you will need to be able to take the time off work/school and that you will need the budget. But are there other reasons that are holding people back?

Where and when:

Week 16, 2019. Monday-Friday April 15-19, including traveling to the destination (weekends) April 13-21. Note that Friday April 19th tends to be a bank holiday (Good Friday).


Location: see below. Basically eastern France, western Switzerland:

Cost prognosis:

  • Lodging: €30 a day
  • Food: €25 a day
  • Fuel: €30 a day a car
  • Other: €15 a day

Total: €100 a day, excluding optional car rental (€30 a day?) and optional flight. These amounts are based on our previous trips (realistically it’s probably less than €100, about €80 or so). All this for exploring France, Switzerland and possibly a bit of Germany and Italy.


Is there something we can help you with?

If something other than time and money is holding you back, let us know! We might be able to come u with a solution!


And have you read this? That’s what we’re all about :)

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