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Where once again AestheticsInMotion purchases something he wants, rather than something he needs. Like a headgasket. Or a timing belt. Or an alternator. Or an accessory belt. Or an oil pan. Or rollbar padding. Or radiator hoses. Or tires. Or a coolant temp sensor. Or an oil pressure sensor. Or a non-leaky master brake cylinder. Or a radiator overflow tank...

I swear I take good care of my car. I honestly have no idea how so many problems piled up so quickly. They snuck up on me. One day I was cruising along without a care in the world, the next day I was staring at the Christmas lights on my dash, wondering if buying a new car and swapping parts would be the smarter move. In fairness the salvage title Miata probably has about 340,000 miles at this point—speaking of which, the odometer stopped working—so a lot of what hasn’t been replaced by me is either dead or dying.


As is often the case when confronted by a lot of choices for what I should do with my money, I decided to wait on everything and just keep saving up. The plan being to either tackle a lot of these things at once, or focus on whatever breaks first, hopefully with a fuller wallet.

What actually happened is I bought tools!

The good: USA made tools. I don’t know the exact relationship, but I believe Williams tools are made by Snap-On... Whatever, they’re nice, built to exacting tolerances and have a lifetime warranty. Standard and deep metric sockets from 6mm to 24mm means I’ve got everything I need, all in one box.

The bad: the 8" flexible extension was missing from my brand new, sealed box. Strange. Emailed the company I purchased through and based off of reviews I would imagine getting a replacement part sent out will be quick and painless. Shit happens I guess.


At least I’ll have plenty of jobs to get properly acquainted with these new and exciting tools!

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