Might not be what y’all are into but it’s a solar car race team with my university. The thing is, we don’t have an engineering program at my university, we’re a liberal arts school.

Despite this the team has been successful and we’re in the process of designing a new cruiser class car. I’m a junior in the industrial design program and I’m hoping to find a place working on the interior and ergo-dynamics departments of the new vehicle. I’m also a marketing minor with design experience so I’m helping out with printed materials and other business related things.

I think this will be worth my effort and look good on my resume/ portfolio in addition to being fun. I also like the cross disciplinary experience that I’m getting and feel it will translate well to the design world where I have to work with engineers and marketers frequently. It will also be a nice experience in sustainability which will be useful in the future.

Here’s the Facebook page for the team, please like it. Shameless plug: https://www.facebook.com/appstatesvt/

Trying to get to 2000 likes.

I’m still a new member, so I don’t have much say in the design at this point, but expect some query to the Oppo hivemind if I run into anything I don’t know and need outside help with (going to be a lot).