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Dirty Volvo and Jag for your time.

I bought my house 5.5 years ago. I was 25, single, and the market was slow. They took an offer far under list, paid my closing costs, paid for a warranty, and fixed everything I asked for. I have a garage that I’ve added 100amp service, heat, and even poured a new floor. It’s a small house but I’ve done all the work myself. Even as far as digging up and replacing my water service line. I’m probably going to do very well with selling it in this current market.


But buying the next? Ugh. We found something we both really like. It’s actually been on the market for a month without an offer. The problem is they want it listed too high, not the realtor. So it isn’t likely to appraise at that. There’s also the issue of solar panels with 30k remaining on the loan. The seller keeps saying it’s a lease but the contract says otherwise. An extra $200 per month for something that doesn’t actually provide any monetary benefit for a long time isn’t helpful.



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