Jolene is going to the lake.

I decided to drive the Sunbird this weekend.

She is getting new tires in the morning and then, on Saturday, she will be taking us about 45 miles from home to Rough River Dam State Resort Park for a weekend of boating and camping with family.

My anxiety is rearing its ugly head and I’m nervous AF but I’m not going to let that stop me. I have to stop letting anxiety take something that is supposed to bring me joy (this silly little car) and end up making it bring me stress.


The payload, per the door jamb sticker, is 882 pounds. So, we shouldn’t overload it with just my wife and I and our son and one night’s luggage.

The tires on it have good tread but they don’t match and they’re sort of old. So, I’m going with new ones. Nothing fancy. The car is driven 2,000 miles a year max and never in bad weather, so I’m not needing performance tires by any means.


I’m cautiously optimistic that the weekend will go well.

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