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Jolene, what kind of fuckery is this?

The source of my consternation

I hadn’t driven my Golf in a bit, and it was hot out, so I drove down to the post office to ship something out. On the way back, I took it out of gear at a stop. When I tried to get back in gear, it just... Wouldn’t. Clutch on the floor, and it felt like I was just locked out of gear. This has happened before. I’ve been able to slam it into 3rd and limp to a lot before, so I tried that. When I got in gear, I heard a grind. This leads me to think that my clutch isn’t disengaging when I’m in neutral (if that makes mechanical sense). I turned it off for a few seconds, then turned it back on, and everything was back to normal- this makes me think it’s an electrical problem (because VW).

Any more mechanically adept Oppos have a thought?


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