For those of you who remember, I once (proudly) drove a ‘08 pt cruiser. Back in 2015, it died and I didn’t have the funds to fix it. It sat in my driveway for a year, then in 2016 it was taken via flatbed to my brother-in-law’s house so he could work on it. Yesterday, I drove it for the first time in two years. The pt is nicknamed Jolly Roger.

For some history, the pt was/is the first car I ever bought, not to mention completely paid off. It’s sort of a status symbol for me, a sign of adulthood I’m proud of. I bought the car back in 2010, a few months before I got married. I only bought the Grand Prix in ‘15 because I kept having problems with the pt.

Also, one of my bucket list items was having two cars. Silly, I know; but I really wanted two cars so my wife could use one, not to mention a pride factor of owning two cars (I keep my goals small, more easily achievable). Well, I’ve own two cars for the past two years, and they both worked for a month until the pt had a high repair bill, and we let it sit. So, I owned two cars, but only one worked... until now, :).

My brother-in-law got it fixed up, and apparently my dad-in-law paid the bill (I found out after the fact, I’m extremely grateful). I’ll be driving it here and there to make sure everything is sound with the car, and drives good. It feels very ‘floaty’ while driving.


Curiously, I now have three cars at my house know. Originally, my parents wanted to give me their ‘05 Corolla, but after crunching the numbers I discovered I couldn’t pay insurance for three cars, not with my current income. So it was decided that they’ll just keep the car at my house and I could use it whenever.


So I have to commute in the Prix, and drive around town in the pt, and randomly start up the corolla to make sure it doesn’t sit for too long.