There is a certain pride in your first car, is there not? Especially if you're paying for it out of your own pocket, It's a sign that you are progressing in the world, a sign of responsibility and adulthood. And now, boys and girls, I have met a new goal, my first car will soon be completely paid off.

[The above picture is from May, 2010, when I first bought the car. Don't I look like a 16 yr old? I'm 23 there.]

Now, I know this isn't a jalop car, in fact, it could be the very definition of a anti-jalop car....but I could care less. I respect Jolly Roger for being my first car, for getting me more interested in cars in general, and for giving me a desire to become a better driver overall.

So Jolly Roger, I know you aren't a living creature, but in my heart, you are one. You're an amazing car that does exactly what your name says, a personal transport.

These past 4 years have been fun filled, and soon you'll be paid off. I don't really plan on ever selling you, I honestly plan on driving you until your dead. And even then I'll figure out a way to zombie you back to life. And if Michigan law allows it, I would love to give you a epic funeral when the time comes. Namely a Viking funeral.


Cheers, for four more years Jolly Roger! You might be hated by some, but they dont appreciate you like I do. I know in your mechanical heart you desire to be a rally car. So let's pretend you are one on our daily commute home on those dirt roads you oh so love.

May your inline 4 roar with passion. Let the dirt cover your sides as your race down every road you encounter. Sure it may not be fast, but we make our own fun, don't we?

Cheers, to the best dang PT Cruiser ever, Jolly Roger.