Joop day!

Since I’ve been working my butt off for months and college classes are starting back up on Monday, the Mrs. gave me a free pass to do whatever I wanted to do this afternoon. A couple hours at the Tillamook State Forest OHV area (a.k.a. Brown’s Camp) was just what the doctor ordered.


I was DDing the XJ prior to buying my GLI, but it was starting to have some driveability issues in wet weather, so no big deal during winter in Portland, amirite? It has been sitting for about a month now and became basically impossible to start, so I popped the cap off and it was mighty crusty. Not having any parts stores nearby and wanting to get on the road quickly, I hit the contacts with a jeweler’s file. It ran perfectly afterwards.

Also a testament to my neglect of the poor old girl- every fluid was low except the clutch master cylinder.

Obligatory poser shots:


I’m still very pleased with the wheel and tire setup, and I maintain my belief that the AX-15 conversion was the best thing I ever did. Anyone who says an automatic is better for a wheeler is either bad at driving or an amputee.


Look, ma! The flare’s still attached!

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