They need to teach the traction circle and basic performance stuff in drivers ed.

So I was getting onto the interstate from an FM road and I was behind a GMC Envoy or some such thing. It was a circular entrance dealy with good camber, also the entrance point, so to speak, from when you get of the ramp and onto the interstate is pretty short in this case.

Anyway, Mr. CUV enters the circle thing at about 35mph. Ok whatever, but your going to have to get up to at least 65 when you get on.

What does Mr./Mrs./Miss CUV do? RIDES THE BRAKES ALL THE WAY DOWN TO 15mph!

I have many problems with this.

1) You need to accelerate to merge, so the only reason I can image you slowed down was because you though you were going to fast on the ramp.


2) <imagine this is in all caps> If you’re able to ride your brakes like that while turning you weren’t going too fast to begin with!

Plus because you went so slowly on the fucking ramp you had to come to a complete stop to let a semi go by, but if you kept going 35-40 on the ramp we both could have easily gotten in front of it. Instead we had to merge onto the interstate from a dead stop. Way to fucking go.


More people need to drive wagons and not CUVs. It’s safer!