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In the woods near Estacada, OR.

Lend me your attention, Oppo, and humor my musings...

Lately, I haven’t felt much love for my Jeep. It’s slow, uncomfortable, the AC quit working AGAIN, the seats hurt my back, it’s cramped (especially with a car seat), and most of all it’s a blood death trap. No sway bars, tin foil construction, and all of the crash safety and rollover protection of 1983. It can’t tow a trailer, it’s an awful daily driver, it’s bad at being a kid hauler, and the only time it ever shines is the 2 or 3 days out of the year I actually get to wander off into the woods.


I’ve owned this particular Jeep since about 2 weeks before I met my wife. It was pieced together with bits of a blue ‘95 Jeep that I’d had since 2002ish. So all in all, I’ve owned it for 16ish years- or at least I’ve owned the engine and front axle for 16 years.

Such a good Jeep, murdered in its prime by years of New York and Minnesota salt.

That jeep I miss dearly. It was more comfy than the ‘97, and had a great deal of sentimental value. The new one, other than being our wedding getaway, hasn’t played a major role in our lives. I’ve done a great deal of wrenching on it... It was originally automatic/2wd and had a tan interior. Now it’s manual, 4x4 and has a black interior.

The alternative?

Picture from the Craigslist ad when I sold it. It sure looked pretty.

I owned one for a short while and replaced it with the Suburban. It could tow, it was comfy, and it had a somewhat usable back seat. It also had real pillars and much better safety credentials (save for the splody gas tank, but there would be a hitch).

Something along these lines would be perfect!

Would I be stupid to ditch the XJ and the Burban to get another WJ Overland? It would be a good daily, a small lift and bigger tires would make it as capable as I need it to be for my woods exploration, the 4.7 H.O. tows like a beast... Should I remember why I sold the one I had and stop remembering it with rose colored glasses? Would I kick myself for selling a vehicle I have so much history with? Should I get off the computer and go work on my car so I can drive it to the Oppo meet this Saturday?

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