Some of you questioned whether it was ethical when a reporter read a draft of his story about me over the phone and asked for my input. I was surprised at how strong your reactions are, as I a know very little about how journalists are able to operate. I kind of assume that they are all little Daulerios, who would publish anything to grab eyeballs.

He sent me this today:

Editors keep asking me for a better photo. They are looking for something other than a head and shoulders shot—-maybe one of you speaking or otherwise in action that is of higher quality than they can grab from a video. Do you happen to have one that you would be willing to share? Still aiming for publication on the 12th, as far as I know. Will send you a link then and keep you posted if there’s a change in publication date. If it’s any comfort, after we last spoke, I came to agree with your point that I had not made it clear enough that your aim was reining in CRLA and that the workers were ancillary, so, in addition to fixing the factual problems you noted, I added a quote to make that point explicit.


Apparently, my opinion of his article, he took my editorial input as well as my corrections on the facts. What do you think journalistic Opponauts? Is this the way it should be done? This guy was a reporter for the LA times for over 25 years, so I thought I was dealing with an established professional, and assumed he was doing this according to professional standards.