Rockstars are available in 17x8 with a +10 offset and the right bolt pattern. The look... different, but I kinda like it.

In the quest to achieve peak MR2, I’ve been looking for the right wheels. Something concave that fits nicely. Turns out Jeep wheels meet those criteria! (Thanks mkbruin, Atlas VP for pointing that out). What’s Oppo think of this idea?

There are tons of OE and aftermarket Jeep wheels out there, and many of them fit on my non-Jeepish MR2 as well. I need to narrow down the options, and find a wheel-and-tire package that fits on the car.

The SW20-generation MR2 has one key limitation in wheel fitment, and that’s the front suspension clearance. The springs are massive and sit above the wheel with about a centimeter of clearance. Switching to a coilover setup would simplify wheel choice considerably, but also would add additional expense to the project.

One option (photoshopped above) is the KMC Rockstar wheel. Their smallest size (17x8 at a +10 offset) fits perfectly at the back of my car. Clearance is fine at the front of the car too, but would result in a positive scrub radius of 30mm. I’d rather avoid such a massibe scrub radius, so coilovers and a different offset might be the way to go if I choose Rockstars.

These look obnoxious and I still want them.


Is this a ridiculous idea or just a weird idea? Coilovers or nah? There’s an overwhelming number of choices so post your favorites...