So I toiled away at the sc400 from saturday until tuesday morning swaping out the old siezed motor. Bummer facts after the jump.

The auto parts yard the I sent the motor to ended up lightly gouging the heads,snapping off the oil filter plate, and breaking a few other miscellaneous bits when they used a backhoe to load it into a trailer. Then the owner quite literally laughed in my face when I arrived bitching about reimbursement. At the end of the day the backhoe operator payed me $200 and I was told I was unwelcome to ever come back.

After getting the new motor in and running it looses a cylinder after 30 miles of driving. It appears to just have no spark to that cylinder but still, after at least 40hrs of struggling with a hoist in mud, rolling in dirt, dealing with a bitter old man, and missing school I hoped for more car and less downtime.

Pics of the struggles:

The motor installed at 3am 11/3/15


All 3 motor mounts were screwed and I was forced to get the one that split in two replaced with a fabricated mount.(works quite well)


Swapping parts over


How the motor arrived( after being damaged in many places)