Did my first presentation, and they loved it. The guy ahead of me cut into my time, and I opened by joking that he cut into the time of a Sicilian lawyer, which many would consider a serious mistake. They liked it. Those organic dairymen enjoyed my schtick, and I finally met someone from the big Washington label that is fighting with the UFW, which I have been trying to get in on for a long time. I REALLY want to screw that up for the UFW. But I have made a terrible mistake, Oppo.

I hung around after my presentation with the dairymen chatting (many wanted to talk to me), eating delicious Straus Creamery Organic Ice Cream (yum, dairy events rule). They are very nice people and you should buy a lot of their delicious ice cream and eat it every day. Just sayin’....but I digress.

I stayed too long, and the Reno car museum is closed. I must console myself with a fancy dinner and many, many vintage cabinet video games in the arcade here. I remember being a kid, and those damn quarters being so precious...when they jacked up the good games to 50 cents we were so bitter. The 80s were a different time.


My friends and I used to hike over the hill a couple of miles from home on a fire trail to the local mall to play video games, and developing skill was key because we needed what little money we had to play. Oh, tonight, 10 year old me will bask in the glory of having plenty of quarters, more than my mom would give me. They better have Defender, Centipede, and Tempest. I kill at Galaga. I can own that game. Ice cream and video games....what happens in Reno, stays in Reno. Shh...I’m partying...I might have a gelato before bed, too.