Enjoying a nice porter tonight. Tastes like pure espresso, but has a good kick to it thanks to the 10% abv.

Anyways, some updates on the Jeep project since my last post:

I finally had to threaten legal action if this guy didn’t give me my Jeep back. He agreed to meet me at the shop to give it back to me. I arrived 30 minutes early to his shop and the door was open with a guy working in the yard. This gave me a little bit of confidence that i’d finally get it back today. so I called him telling him I was there, and he tells me he can’t meet me (for the 4th time) because he was on the other side of town painting another car.


So I hung up on him while he continued to lie to me and walked up to the guy working in the yard. I asked him if he worked for the painter i had been dealing with. He looked at me borderline offensive and said, “No, i do not. he’s a friend of mine, and he uses my shop here to work in sometimes.”

So in conclusion the shop that this guy said was his, didn’t even belong to him! So I asked if i could see my jeep and they guy agreed. I walked back and behold it was there, in a poor state, but it was there. Long story short I called the painter and told him to let the owner of this shop know I was taking it. 4 phone calls later he agreed and I was pulling the jeep into the street. I already had a tow truck ready to go so i gave the green light to come meet me. 2 hours later she was coming home.


Finally after 3 months I pulled my Jeep into my driveway as it started to rain and tucked it in under the new car cover i bought for it knowing that i can’t afford letting water to get onto the exposed areas that were sanded down.

So here she is, looking fugly as ever.


Apparently 3 months of work for this guy included sanding down the areas that needed bodywork including the pin striping, and applying bondo incorrectly in two areas.

I was finally able to get all my parts back (lights, fenders, etc.) so in the end I just lost time. There were so many red flags when I dropped it off, but I refused to entertain them for some reason. I guess that’s how you learn.


Good news though! I found a new paint shop that I did actual research on and contacted the general manager about taking on the project. He told me he’d love to meet with me about it and said he could do the whole thing for a reasonable price. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I’m optimistic. Here’s hoping it works out!