Just Rolled Into The Driveway. Had to limp the Rabbit home today after the front right wheelbearing gave up the ghost. It wasn’t very fun but at least the weather was nice and the top was down. I should have seen it coming. In the two(three?) weeks I’ve owned the car I’ve had to start driving with the steering wheel more and more offset to the left. I thought the steering shaft was slipping in hard corners, but I guess it was due to more and more tow out on that passenger side wheel caused by the bad bearing.

The good news is new front hubs are only about 30 bucks a pop. I’ll be replacing both of them before the car hits the road again. I got about 800 miles on before something happened bad enough to park it. Not bad.

And all and all of this on THE DAY that I felt really good about fixing a fuel cut issue(primary jet was clogged so it only ran at idle or full throttle) and was really excited because a bunch of parts came in. Non of woh are the ones I need.