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No, not the 10mm kind...

TrendingBot” visited r/JustRolledIntoTheShop this week, to report that the subreddit had reached a new milestone. JRitS now has over 700k subscribers.


Of course, this pales in comparison to the subscriber count of more than 370 other subreddits (JRitS ranks in at #379 as I type this). But the sub’s activity has grown over the past few years, and JRitS currently ranks #84 on Reddit’s most active Subreddits, ahead of r/sex (#92) and r/nsfw (#103). Just sayin’.

I got a kick out of this visualization provided by redditmetrics.com:


No doubt much of the early subscriber growth can be attributed to posts like Raph Orlove’s 2012 article. But see that sharp increase beginning in mid-2017? Guess what else started around that time? Just sayin’.



Thanks guys, for enjoying my roundups. But you’re really missing out if you’re just waiting for the next one (coming this SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!, as always). There’s so much that I end up trimming from each compilation prior to publishing, just to keep them down to a somewhat reasonable length...

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