Juke thoughts with 2 more days with it.

One thing big thing, I’m gonna miss this toad of a car. I liked a lot.

It is the car that cranked me up as a car enthusiast as it was my 1st interesting car. Sure the Fit is not as “interesting”, but the Juke ignited the torch & the Fit will carry it on. It’s that car that made me care about cars. It’s the car that made more of people people person, & get out to meet people. Either (or all of them reasons) it be C&C, Auto-X, Track. It helped me meet people, & grow as a person.


While the Juke was good, it was never great. It is an OK job at the task it was designed for, & did a OK job for what I pushed it too. Cargo space was never a concern, except for maybe a few times a year when I was cursing it. With time priorities change, so the Fit is a better choice for my new priorities. I’ll stile smile when I see a Juke on the road, but be happy I have a “new” car the same time.

After getting back from Detriot & putting a number of Kms (around 800ish kms) on the Fit I probably do an initial impressions write up.

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