I went to a fundraiser C&C early in the morning, but I spent so much time talking to another guy there that I hardly took any pictures, and I also had to leave early for a work meeting, so I didn’t have much in the way of pictures to show of it. So Yesterday evening I went to The Chatterbox, and tried to make up for the lack of C&C pictures. I haven’t been able to get through them all completely, but I’ll add more on the Photography Kinja when I get to.

At Cars & Coffee:

Yours Truly, breakin’ the rules.

What’s better than a little Isetta 300 inside a little Isetta 300?

Later at The Chatterbox:


C3 Stingray

This guy traveled a long way. Did not get to talk to him, but this thing was ridiculously clean.


Side view Mirror on a Rat Rod. Seriously though, I have trouble calling this a rat rod. It was far too cleanly done.


I initially thought it was a real carbon fiber intake, but it’s just hydrodipped. 3rd gen Camaro that meant business.

There was also a classic Ford Ranger, a Dune Buggy VW Beetle (not too many pictures, but it was a fun looking custom toy), a few C5’s, Mustangs, and plenty of vintage muscle to go around. A few 3 and 5 window coupes, and a Caprice Estate Wagon that I have a couple pictures of. Brown, rear facing 3rd row, faux wood paneling, V8. It was glorious. Friend of mine had his 204k mile C5 vette there as well (his dad drove it) and he had a Silverado SS 1500 Intimidator. The lady got her picture in a C3 Vette, silver with a blue interior. Oh, and I can’t forget the Dart Swinger and almost matching green Challenger. Gorgeous cars. A guy I know, Jerry, was there. He opted not to bring the Cheetah today, instead he brought one of his C1s. Jerry is a Corvette guy. Right down to the bone. He’s got a C2 with a 454 and 4 speed, the Cheetah, this C1, and a slew of others. I joked around that he should get a trailer and bring them all, and all he had to say back was that he’d need one really big trailer.


I brought the SL, and much like almost every other night there, had the only V12. While I had dinner, I sat where I could watch people give funny faces looking at it, and more than one person counted the coil packs. Yeah, it’s a real V12 alright.

Some nights aren’t good for pictures, other nights I’m just not really feeling it, but I’ll try and get more pictures this summer!