Junkyard Diving Trip Successful. Diagnosis also obtained.

Got my hands on a couple of ashtrays for my Crown Vic, and a driver-side door panel with a trunk release button where you’d find the key-specific trunk release switch on the Grand Marquis.

I finished installing the ashtray in my car, and it works well. Though it’s tan colored. The other ashtray I got is in good condition but very, very filthy. Going to need to figure out how I’m going to clean it. Ditto for the driver side panel, since it’s fairly dirty and has what looks like paint-based markings on it that I need to clean off.


In other news, my Crown Vic’s diagnosis was: EVAP Purge Valve is borked. It’s driveable, but I can’t have fun with it like I normally do. Gentle driving, and I rarely let it get above 2,000 RPM. They should have the replacement part in on Monday and they’ll pop it in for me. Service cost is $309, including the part.

I still need to find a clean front dash trim panel. The faux wood one would be fantastic if I could find one without the Grand Marquis lettering. If anyone can help me on that front, I’d be super pleased.


P.S. I’m researching names derived from “Silver”, the word, or the mineral. Trying to come up with something that suits my car.

Edit: I just texted the seller of my car asking if they changed the oil in the engine when they did the swap, turns out they didn’t. That’s one other item to add to the menu on Monday.

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