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Junkyard Speed Swag Haul

I’m all about that junkyard speed, found a few gems at the JY on the cheapo beepo to take home to upgrade the Cavalier.


#1- An internal solid rear sway bar from a 1990 Chevy Beretta GTZ to cram into my car’s solid twist beam to stiffen up that rear and give the Cavalier some much needed handling improvements. The rear beam is identical between GM J-bodies and L-bodies so this should be a plug and play after I drill out 4 mounting holes.

The Cavalier’s twist beam has giant factory holes in it as a weight saving measure compared to the pre 1995 Chevy Berettas. It’s a non-issue since they will not be interfering with the mounting points.


The Beretta GTZ donor was in pretty rough shape, back in the day this was the apex L-body you could buy. It came with the DOHC 2.3L 16v high output Quad 4 pushing 180hp NA, a Getrag 5 speed and GM’s most potent FE3 handling package. GM made the choice to not put in balancing shafts in the pursuit for MOAR HORSEPOWER when the made this one, so naturally it has horrendous NVH qualites.


#2- a warm air intake setup I pulled from a Honda Accord. I reckon with some good ‘ole shadetree ingenuity I can modify this to work on my GM Ln2 block. Really, I just need to drill out an air intake sensor grommet, do some trimming here and there, take off those lame stickers and Viola! We should be ready to rock n’ roll.

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