It’s been far too long since I spent any time in a junkyard. So, when I junked the RallyMetro a couple days ago, I took a look around while I was there. Here’s the interesting stuff I found.

I’m guessing somebody got fired for driving this news van into a low clearance area. That had to be a crazy expensive accident.

No more zooming for this Oppo favorite.

Yep, it’s bent


Here’s the real tragedy of this truck.

Ooofff, 5-speed 4x4 ... DEAD

This sticker is now ironical


All I have to say about this one being dead, is GOOD RIDDANCE! You people with your weird nostalgia about these steaming piles of ankle breaking crap are freaking insane.

Thankfully this one is out front, because this beauty has no business being in a boneyard.


I’m sad to see this Caprice wagon here. I’m tempted to go back and grab the 9C1 wheels center-caps, it had all four. I should not be spending that $100 right now though. Although I bet I could turn a profit on them ...


This mat green Jaaaaaaaag would’ve made a cool rally vehicle.

Poor Mister 2


So clean. So dead.



This ‘03/’04 S10 crew cab lead a VERY hard life.

A Saab story


The only vehicle that might have had the part I needed, but somebody beat me to it. It’s a shame the left front door was all dented up, because it’s the same color as my truck, and not all rusty at the bottom like mine is.

It was a quick trip because the sun had set, but it was fun.  I need to do this more often.