If you have not seen the fourth installment to Jurassic park, I implore you to stop what you’re doing and make plans to do so. also mild spoilers.

I actually just stepped out of the theater filled with euphoria and annoyance. The Film itself was wonderfully fun, if not unscientific at times. I went with a friend of mine who is also a Medical major and we both left the filmed annoyed at two different things.

I was ticked off at the resurrection of a 20-year-old truck by a horny 16 year old who seems to only charge the battery. The scene itself is wonderful, it takes us back to the first movie as the two main children characters are making a run from the Indominusdiostupidus Rex and they tumble into the old Jurassic Park lobby. They end up in a back garage area where one of the characters looks to his younger bro and mentions an old Malibu they apparently restored.

The Malibu makes sense, they had time to fix it. I’m not bashing his ability to fix the Jeep at 16. in fact I applauded it, but it’s hard to swallow when the vehicle in question was sitting in a musty garage for two decades, and they just needed to jump start it.


This is Baby... I put Baby in the corner.

Baby here was ... a contesting gift as my first car. I was in fact offered two 2nd Gen Taurus as my first cars. Last spring I attempted to bring Baby out of her corner after sitting under that tree for three years. The car was driven under there in 2010 needing only a waterpump.

This is what happened

The interior was in fact moist, everywhere. The tires had deflated past a safe limit and something was living under the hood and left Acorns everywhere. The fuel pump had decided to short out in it’s time under the tree, and it only ran (quite fine actually) under the influence of starter fluid. Baby is still under that tree with a ruined trunk lid and dismantled rear seat area.....I just find it difficult to swallow that not only did the fuel not gum up in those 20 years, but the brake lines didn’t rust out to oblivion...


Writing this I realize that it’s just a film, nobody who doesn’t care would care. Oh well.