Jurassic World is bound to be one of this summer’s big tentpole action movies. After the disappointing Jurassic Park 3 from 14 years ago, this one seems like it has potential. Yet I can’t quite shake the feeling that its premise is entirely stupid.

Let’s acknowledge that the entire premise of all Jurassic Park books and movies is inherently ridiculous. Because of course the concept of finding fossilized dinosaur DNA then using that DNA to clone dinosaurs and keep them in a dinosaur version of Sea World (what could possibly go wrong?) for fun and profit, is nonsense.

I love movies about ridiculous concepts like this. Anything scifi or action-packed, I’ll probably enjoy it, no matter how ridiculous it might be. But to me, a movie with an inherently ridiculous concept at its core needs to follow one simple rule in order to be truly great:

Follow internal logic—establish a clear set of rules for how things work, and then follow those rules.

A movie’s internal logic can be based on the most ridiculous possible concepts as long as once those rules are established, the movie follows its own rules. For example, in Star Trek, the transporter doesn’t work through a ship’s shields. Any time a Star Trek episode or movie shows a person being transported through shields—like in The Next Generation episode Relics—fans cry foul. THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE! THE SHIELDS WERE UP! (Ok, so I’m one of those people who cried foul.)


So back to Jurassic World. The trailer shows what appears to be a fully-functioning amusement park on an island, stocked with all kinds of dinosaurs. I’m assuming from the title of the movie that this park is called Jurassic World, not Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs, of course, start getting out of their cages, fighting each other, terrorizing and eating the humans, and generally running amok.

Which, ok, dinosaurs running amok is cool! But I can’t help but have this nagging thought:


Why the hell after the past three movies which clearly showed that having an amusement park stocked with dinosaurs was a bad idea, what with all the dinosaurs inevitably escaping and eating the customers, would anyone then go build an amusement park stocked with dinosaurs?

It doesn’t make sense I tell you!

I’ll probably still see the thing anyway.