While the rest of the country has been having their fun in the snow, us yokels down south haven't had a lick of the white stuff this year. In fact, despite having some weather in the teens, it's been sprinkled with temperatures in the 60's, like yesterday. What to do on a warm winter day? Why air out the 4Runners of course!

One of the boys called a meeting of the our little 4Runner crew, so we headed to our local spot. Surprisingly (or not?) there is decent off-roading within a couple miles of downtown Atlanta.

Here are the trucks:

From left to right we have:

J's blue 88: It's got the 3.0L. He's had it since almost new and has driven through quite a few sticker bushes. He also may have every item from the SkyMall 4x4 store.


My gray 89: it's got a 3.4L swapped in from a T-100, rims/tires of an FJ Cruiser, custom hood and no unnecessary crap on it, such as radios, bumpers or doors.

JP's gray 87: Stock 22re, etc.

JJ's Yellow 87: Custom doors and lockers, rust and some gawd-awful paint


Now that you know the trucks, let's begin.

Every trip should start out with some donuts. You know, to make sure everything it tightened down. The 3.4 does sound good, but the lockers really make the dirt fly.

Next, you should find some hills to go up and down. Bonus points for stretching out the suspension a bit. It was totally on purpose.

And then after some more hill climbs and some mud you, as VanHalen says, "Might as well jump!"

This was my third approach. My first two were very lame. Since my speedo doesn't work I just kind of winged it. Pun intended. No damage, either!


Must go bigger next time!