Just a heads up, this book is awful....

I’ve been trying to read it for the past few weeks as bedtime reading but it has some truly awful editing and composition that makes it damn near impossible to read before bed without feeling enraged. 46 pages in to a 230ish page book and we get an “intermission”......for what? Oh! Suddenly the journey takes us to cuba. Why? Well because the crossing from one port to another takes time! What port to what port? Doesnt matter! Fuck it! Everything just happens and its fine!


Apologies for the rant but I need to vent how terrible this book is and I hope that no one recommends it to a non-car person. Even for car-people this guy is completely unable to translate his thoughts and feelings to written word in a decent fashion. I have no doubt this journey was epic, I just can’t follow it for the life of me due to how poorly he constructs sentences and paragraphs.


Oppo review - 3/10, has some decent moments on rare occasions but is boring, at best, and unreadable at worst. You’ll get bored halfway through oneo f his many run-on sentences, skip to the next paragraph and realize you just missed the transition from one country to another because he;ll spend two paragraphs describing the taste of the air at a dock and then jump to 1000 miles later in the same paragraph because hes fucking awful.

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