but it sure as hell could.

gonna piddle with this today. it's an '81 tecumseh 35h. it ran a waterpump for a house for years, then i got it when the PO switched to an electric pump.

the float in the carb is cracked, so now i've got some choices.


middle one is the carb that came on it. carb on the left is almost identical, but about 20 years newer, and the carb on the right is the keihin i'll probably use. ran the engine with it already, just to make sure everything was good to go.


big iron flywheel or little aluminum flywheel...thats not a question, i'm gonna use the little one.

here's the issues:


female crankshaft. i have no clue how i'm gonna transfer power to the wheel...but i'll cross that bridge when i get there. when i pulled the head i split the gasket, so i'm going to make one out of sheet steel. i could order a fresh one, but who doesn't like more compression? i've got 2 different intakes i can use. the stock one, thats got tight corners, and a very tiny port, or a bigger one that hangs the carb off to the side...i'll have to get it running before i can test those...so, here goes another project...