This is some high schoo level BS really, but all involved are adults :)

So my mother-in-law bought tickets for my wife to go to a concert, and told her to invite whomever she wants to tag along - they would have to buy their own tickets of course. She asks her friend - we’ll call her Sarah - who says no, she doesn’t want to go.


It turns out my MIL couldn’t make the concert due to a trip they had planned, so my wife asked another friend to go.

On the day of the concert, Sarah is pissed off that my wife didn’t ask her to go once her mom backed out. Sarah said she originally said no because she didn’t want to impose, but never mentioned it to my wife that was the reason she said no.


My thoughts are that Sarah should’ve said why she didn’t want to go at first - which was ridiculous because she knows her mom, and it was in no way imposing.. But Sarah thinks that my wife should’ve asked her to go to the concert first once her mom backed out.

Just looking for opinions. My wife is upset - her friend Sarah is making her feel horrible about not taking her because “She really wanted to go”. I can’t post this on FB without asking for major drama, so I figure I could ask the random internets of Oppo :)

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