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Just a reminder...

...of some vehicles that will be legal to import to the US next year.

- Alfa Romeo 155 (Don’t recall if we ever got these here, though I know the larger 164 was the last model offered here when they left in 1995.)

- Autozam AZ-1 (though you’ll also have to wait until October for these)

- Daihatsu Opti (More kei cars FTW)

- ɛ̃fini MS-8

- Ford Mondeo and Falcon GT 25th Anniversary

- HSV GTS and Senator

- Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I

- Renault Safrane and Twingo

- Rover 200 Coupe

- Skoda Pick-up

- Subaru Vivio

- Toyota Caldina

- TVR Chimaera

Kei cars, luxury cars, Australian sports sedans, French compacts, sports cars, and a Czech pickup truck. Not bad, really.


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