Just a reminder: Secret Senna is Awesome.

With the Secret Senna deadline coming up on December 15th I just wanted to remind everyone that Secret Senna is awesome. If you are able, I highly recommend signing up.

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Last year was my first time participating and it was a lot of fun on both the giving and receiving ends. Pictured above is what I received last year from DaftRyosuke. Every item fits me very well. It’s not very often I get to shop for automotive themed items for people so that is part of the fun. I also learned last year that you can’t send beer through the USPS(half of the gift I shipped was confiscated.)

For those who haven’t participated in the past, you get to ask your recipient for their interests, hobbies, cars, clothes sizes, or whatever you want. It makes it really easy to find something your recipient is sure to like.


Link below to take you to the info post:


Everyone who has participated before please share your thoughts below.

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