This happened a few weeks ago, but I just remembered it thinking about that “feel good” story about the dealership that taunted a panhandler.

I had borrowed my mom’s Miata to install a stereo and drove it to work a few times. While sitting at an intersection a guy with a cardboard sign asking for money came up to the car. He didn’t ask for money, though.

The first thing he said was “is that a Miata?”


“Man, I used to have a Miata. All my friends made fun of me, but that was a fun car. They all made fun of it, but I didn’t care, it was so much fun and on a highway on ramp? They just hug the road. You know what they’re like? You remember those British cars? MGs? They’re just like a modern Midget.”


Then the light changed and he said “have fun with it!”