Just A Stock 2001 Supra With The 2JZ. For Sale.

Stock as in could be standing on a dealers quality-used-car lot. Also features a lot of tasty, tasty OEM features, read on!:

It has everything your conservative JDM-dreams are made of! OEM wheels, shy silver color (Well I call it so), no obnoxious aero parts or exhaust system made from garbage steel in a taiwanese backstreet workshop, less than 50000 miles and hell, even the gray seats were left in! You can argue about the JZA80s (Link to Listing) styling a lot and I personally really dig the frond section with its prominent headlights, while I am not sure what to think of the rear section, but it has what makes it so desireable today:


It is priced at-SURPRISE!-ca. $26500 (20500€). That being said, I'd like to search for its faults or is this just a very good deal? NPOCP?

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