What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

I’m still really angry about this missed opportunity. The reason Top Gear US got a terrible first impression and will consequently never live up to the original is the cast. No, on an individual level, there’s really nothing wrong with them. It’s the way they immediately tried to mimic the chemistry of their British counterparts that ruined them. Very few people knew more than one of these guys, so the whole three-best-friends-who-playfully-pick-on-each-other thing was just... awkward.
But the thing is.... there was a great trio of American TV presenters out there already. Their show was failing, and (although nobody knew it at the time) they were all going to be dropped from it not long after TGUS’s debut. They had an established chemistry and could easily fill the shoes of the British hosts in that sense, and - more importantly - they all had a very well-established technological background, so they were really perfect for the job. I’m talking about these guys:

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And now it’s too late. They would have been perfect, and it’s a shame that they never got the chance.

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