Just a truck doing truck stuff..

Took the Lightning to a local sod farm today, and got a pallet of Bermuda. For some reason no stores carry sod past May of each year around here. I would like to personally tell the HOA t̶h̶a̶n̶k̶s̶ to go fuck yourselves for making me do this during the hottest part of summer. I spent my whole summer tending to my dying father. and really wanted to spend this last week with MY son before school starts, but NOPE!

Bonus Pic: Saw this mint Cutlass Supreme at Home Depot when I went to rent a Rototiller. Nicest one I’ve seen in 15 years at least.


If you don’t hear from me again I died of a heat stroke, so scour Atlanta Craigslist because my sisters will be selling my fleet for pennies on the dollar.

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