What is a "truck"?

I have this argument with my wife about my Land Cruiser. I call it a truck (ladder frame, body on frame, solid axles, transfer case, etc) but she insists it isn't because its not a pickup truck.


Probably just semantics, but I sure could use some help with this one, I mean if she wont listen to me, surely she will listen to the internet right? So what do you think qualifies a "truck"? Here is my list

Ladder frame (can be integrated)

Axles meant for heavy load

Spring rates that are meant to carry weight outside of passengers and their cargo

utility grade hubs, brakes and transmission

Engines and systems meant for Utility (High torque, strengthened over a passenger vehicle engine, increased fluid and heat capacity)


In short, something that can do a little work.

Have a unimog train for your troubles.