As a truck, how do you guys like this one? 95k miles / $8k. Let's assume it has the 5.4.

These Jellybeans are really coming down in price I've noticed. Finding rust-free examples also isn't the nightmare it is with the OBS's. I know the 5.4's are decent engines. It's the bolt ons/ins that are problems, like the headers, spark plugs and a number of other things.

I reckon this could be a decent truck for a time to come if I were to get something like it.

This is all in the spirit of "it's fun to think about a second vehicle to buy" also because an inspiring quote by Jerry Seinfeld: "It's almost as fun to want a car as it is to own one". I wholeheartedly agree. Although in this case I want the functionality of it. Not so much the aesthetics.…