I didn’t die by being crushed by the mighty Snorlax!

Full front suspension is out. Seriously, if you’re going to make a bolt go through a frame through a piece of equipment to a nut why aim the long end right next to another piece of hardware? The front spring rear bolts pulled out directly into the front drive shaft. I had the frame maxed out on stands and blocks and the rotor nearly touching the ground to get the spring bolt to clear the drive shaft. Same goes for my track bar. A game of lifting this end, lowering this end, lifting the other end, etc to get clearance.

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You can actually see my wrench stuck, unable to back out because the whatever bar because I lowered the passenger side down. (and it’s not just raise or lower, it’s raise, jack stand, unload, blocks under jack, raise, jack stand, unload, bigger block, etc).

My body effing hurts. I'm 32 and feel 62 currently. 

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