Just Another Reason to Not Trust Auto Internet Prices

I’m looking to replace my truck with a newer, slightly used Ram 1500. Came across this one at a local dealership and was shocked how low the price was. So I had a 2 simple questions to the dealership.


I figured it had a few thousand in discounts applied that I wouldn’t qualify for (employee price, military discount, etc). So I just wanted to know would it cost me $2,000 more, or $8,000 more than what it is listed on their website so I know if it’s worth my time or not. Below was the response I received

$11,000 more than what it is listed for on their website. Never mind the discounts, just the extras that they put on the truck from Mopar were 11k and not added in the price listed. I’ll stick to buying used since those don’t have 12 discounts applied to the price for which 3 I would qualify for, if that.

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