Just because I have a Penis.

I want my own car!

I have reached the point in my life where I need/want my own car. However I am Male and I live in Central London (Apparently) and as a result insurance is ludicrously expensive no matter which car I pick. So with this is mind, I might as pick a Hot Hatch since I barely saving any money with an Econobox. However I'm still looking to save money. This means that certain cars aren't happening due to Chav Tax such as the Seat Leon Cupra.


Insurance for this £3,400. This is rather annoying since they are dirt cheap.

Another car or rather set of cars afflicted by this tax are cars fitted with VTECs. Now you would think that being VTECs and all the insurance would be relatively cheap. I mean they are lacking the insurance black mark being Turbos but oh no no no.

Insurance for this £2,900. This was a real sucker punch. I thought the lack of Turbos would be a winner and even Jeremy Clarkson himself said it was cheaper to insure than its rivals and when is he ever wrong.


So what to do...

Well why not try something a bit more up market, I mean what do I have to lose. So MK5 Golf GTI, the car that brought back the Glory.


Well Good news... Sort off. Insurance for this £1,700. YES! I thought. I can afford a Hot Hatch and a Golf GTI no less but then I looked on the classified and my new dream came crashing back to earth as these go for £5,000 minimum.


Dejected at a wasted evening I went for a walk. Since the insurance on that is real cheap. I like to do a bit of car spotting when I'm out as any Petrolhead would do but my attention is usually reserved for stuff like this.


But that day, I looked at different cars, I looked at the Boy Racers and saw a lot of good cars sent to die. Anything with a Vauxhall badge was simply a no go, they are insanely popular among my spiky haired brethren. Also anything Japanese was out because JDM Bro. The Ford seemed to have come out well but like the Golf they are pricey.

Then a car I completely overlooked when by or rather 3 of them.


The first gen Audi S3. With my longing for the Cupra, I had completely forgot about its AWD sister. So back on to the Classifieds I went....

Hoorah they are cheap!

Starting as low as £1000 going up to £3,000 for a really nice one.

But there must be a catch. Of course there was but fortunately it was in my favour.


The first car I put in to the insurance calculator was a 2003 model and as was expected the insurance was £2,800. However I remember the ad had the number 225 in the description which I thought was odd. Went to look at the spec and as it turns out the S3 had a minor power boost of 15 hp in its later years so I thought why not try an older model say 2001...


15 hp cost me a grand, great work from the insurance companies there.

So after 18 months of looking I might have finally found my first car, so people of the internet, is there anything I should know about the first gen Audi S3 and are there any other Hot hatches I should consider for my first car. Keep in mind my budget is £5,000 for both the car and insurance.


Thanks for reading.

Oh, yeah. No diesels. MPG is good and all but I have driven nothing but diesels (minus track days) and I'm sick of tractor noises.

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