Source: my.IS user jbachman2
Source: my.IS user jbachman2

This summer is the time. I’m buying a new 2001 dash with the non-soft touch crap and replacing my 2002 sticky dash. This also requires buying center console pieces (as they are sticky), plus the trim around the gauge cluster. Personally, I think the ‘01 dash looks better with the satin accents that match other parts of the interior.

I’ve looked up and researched all the other ways people have tried to get around this problem, but screw it: the stock stereo CD player and tape deck don’t work (none of them do, apparently), and the rest of the interior is too nice for me to stare at sticky fingerprints all day. So I’m going to throw up my hands and replace all the paneling and stereo.


There are used ones on ebay that are in “great but not exceptional” shape that could save me a pretty penny. But here’s my experience with ebay on used car parts, summarized:

Except with no attractive lady to soften the blow.

I’m tired of looking at the fingerprints of the guy who replaced my windshield — among other flaws — on what is otherwise a very pleasant car to be in.

Land Cruiser fund? Audi TT fund? ZZW30 fund?! Forget it: let’s throw more money at a 17-year old Paseo, because I somehow don’t have a problem with that.

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