Just because it's Embiggen Days, doesn't mean we can't do some unnecessary car shopping

Currently, Carmax has three E90 M3s with a 6MT. They are all 2008s and all around 30k.

The first E90 M3 they have for sale is this one finished in Silverstone Metallic. It’s done 88k miles, but is also a single owner car. All three of the BMWs I have boughten have been single owner cars and for the most part been solid.


The second 6MT E90 M3 is finished in Sparkling Graphite Metallic, which was a 2008 only color. It was replaced during the LCI for Space Grey Metallic, the color of my M3.

Once again, it’s a single owner car that had done 23k less than the other pervious E90. However, 31k for a 2008 seems a little steep.

This final example of a 6MT E90 M3 is finished in Jerez Black Metallic. Unlike the other two, it is not a single owner car. Carmax still wants 31k for the pleasure of taking this to its 8300 RPM redline whenever you want.


All these prices are some what surprising to me. I had my car appraised in December and they offered me 29k. That’s basically what these 2008s are going for. My car is a 2011 with 44k on it, but it still does surprise me that my car is worth that much more.


Sadly, these are all 2008s; otherwise I would be trying to get someone to take the plunge into E90 M3 ownership. There is nothing wrong with the 2008s, you can get a 2009+ from other places for similar prices.

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